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Atlanta Face & Body Adds New Treatment Option


(Atlanta, GA)— Atlanta Face & Body Center is pleased to announce that they have added a brand-new treatment option to their list of services. Effective immediately, the practice is now offering SculpSure treatments for patients looking to achieve the same effects as liposuction without risky and invasive surgery. SculpSure recently received 510K clearance to market from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the treatment of the back, inner thighs, and outer thighs after already having been granted clearance for the treatment of the abdomen and flanks.

“Our team is so excited about these new areas of clearance that our patients can begin to benefit from. Our practice was one of the first in the Atlanta area to use SculpSure as a way of helping patients cut unwanted fat from their middle section. We’re thrilled to be able to use this advanced technology to those who want to sculpt their back and thighs without risky surgery or nerve pain from cryolipolysis,” said Dr. Elizabeth Whitaker of Atlanta Face & Body.

The SculpSure procedure uses a laser wavelength to selectively target fat cells, providing up to 25 percent permanent fat reduction and tightening the surrounding skin in a single 25-minute treatment. The procedure is intended for the non-invasive lipolysis of the abdomen, flanks, back, inner thighs, and outer thighs in individuals with a body mass index of 30 or less. SculpSure has a safety and effectiveness profile that is similar to its predicate devices with a successful treatment of the back and thighs based on controlled studies measuring changes in adipose tissue thickness and feedback about patient satisfaction.

Dr. Whitaker went on to say, “What is even better is the fact that no major changes to the device or software we use to complete the procedure are required, as our entire system has already been enabled to treat our patients’ desired body areas. As we’ve just launched a new website, we invite all those who are weighing their options for fat loss to visit us online at to learn more about how our team can use SculpSure to help them achieve the body they’ve always wanted.”

Discover additional details about how SculpSure can permanently remove stubborn body fat at

About Atlanta Face & Body:

Atlanta Face and Body Center was created with every aspect of the patient’s comfort, convenience, and privacy in mind. The practice is located within the Perimeter, minutes off of I-75 and I-285 to ensure maximum access for all their metro Atlanta patients as well as those traveling from other areas. Inside their suite, patients will find they have made comfort their priority. With inviting décor, spacious consultation rooms, and a large in-office surgery center, Atlanta Face & Body accommodates all their patients’ aesthetic needs at one location.

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The Essentials of Businesses – 101

Self-Image: The Importance of Appearance to Your Career, Social and Personal Life

When we were younger, we were taught by our parents to take good care of ourselves by being presentable through good grooming and proper clothing. In adolescence, it marks the start of identity versus confusion, and teenagers have crushes and develop romantic relationships with the opposite sex, making them self-conscious of how they look. As one enters young adulthood, there is focus on the career, finding the right job and impressing his boss. The young adult wants to belong and be part of the successful people, so he invest in good quality and designer clothing or have her hair and makeup did professionally just to impress other people.In middle adulthood, there is less emphasis on the looks or overall appearance, and more on acquiring wealth and achieving financial freedom.

The truth is appearance plays a major role in the perception of oneself and the perception of other people about a person. As the saying goes, first impressions last and employers or recruiters can already tell if a person has a high chance to get hired just by the looks and how a person carries himself. If you look good about yourself and you are confident about your appearance, then your self-esteem is boosted, helping you to socialize with people of different age levels, social class and various types of character and personalities. A person’s general appearance reflects his thoughts and emotions, and whether he is sick or well. A person’s reputation is based on your actions as well as your overall appearance. People are so observant, and even in politics, the appearance plays an important role because constituents may be influenced by how you wear your clothes or your overall fashion style.

While others want to enhance their looks through modern technologies, you should be comfortable wearing your own skin regardless of your race, religion, gender or nationality. A lot of people undergo cosmetic or plastic surgeries like nose job, Lasik surgery, eyelid enhancement, eyebrow tattoo, breast enhancement and others. While the society sets a standard of what an acceptable look for a man or a woman, but the most important thing is about feeling good about yourself, being confident in carrying yourself and your dealings with others and being proud of who you are. In life, we also need to compete with others to land the best position, to achieve your dreams and to have a good reputation, and one way to do that is by having a good appearance. For you to attain more things in life, it is important to invest effort, time and money in order to take good care of your appearance.

The Beginner’s Guide to Sales

Be Confident in Showing Your Face

You might have already known the obvious that if you wish to look your best, you’ll have to be confident with your face. Which is why it is very important that you get your face look the best it can. If you consider to be one of the normal girls, you might want to keep the following things in mind so that you can be confident that you’ll be able to compete with those beautiful girls out there.

The first thing you need to consider is doing something with your skin so that you can get your face look its best. One way of doing so is to eat healthy foods, keep yourself hydrated and use skin care products.

Another thing you need to keep in mind is to make you have a beautiful smile. You should always keep in mind that a beautiful smile do not only captivate people, but it also changes your whole look. So it would be best if you also put some investment in your mouth and teeth.

Fortunately, there are quite a number of whitening solutions out there that you can choose. You can always achieve getting your teeth to shine brightly at the comfort of your home. Although, you may achieve the same result if you keep yourself from red wines, coffee, and nicotine.

However, if indeed you currently have perfect pearly white teeth, your smile won’t be as good as one with good lipstick on. Before you use and apply long-lasting liquid lip, make sure you line your lips first.

This works well because there’s no longer a need for you to reapply the product each time you sip your drink or even take a bite. This way, you’ll be able to keep giving them the best face you’ve get all day.

You can further perfect your face by knowing how you should do contouring. A lot of people would this as a really simple process of utilizing your makeup making a shade darker or even a shade lighter compared to the natural complexion you have with your face.

You may use this to get your cheekbone more prominent and cut in your cheeks. You could also slim down both your nose and forehead. However, this will require some practice before you can be good at it. But once you already got the right shapes of your face, you’ll definitely be able to do it quicker next time and you may even want to incorporate it into your everyday routine.

Lastly, the sure way for you to attain the best face possible whenever you take photos is to know exactly what your camera angles are. This is one reason why stars would always look so great in any photos where they’re in.

5 Key Takeaways on the Road to Dominating Services

Weed For Sale: Your Ultimate Guide to Buying Weed Online

With the advent of digital technology, anybody can literally buy anything online and weed is no exception, but it is important to make sure you’re only dealing with the 100% legitimate weed suppliers and medical marijuana manufacturers. There many forms of marijuana sold online such as the best cannabis seeds, indoor mix feminized seeds, auto-flowering seeds, big bud automatic seeds, cannabis oil, or Grand Daddy Purple strain. You can always order marijuana online with trusted and reputable company whether you’re from Alaska, California or any part of USA. While it is true that dispensaries serve as a viable option to many users, buying weeds online offers a lot of choices due to dramatic increase of different types of marijuana online, opening yourself to a much larger product variety.

It is really convenient to order weed online whether you want to remain discreet with your cannabis medication or marijuana use. If you buy weed online legally from a reputable dispensary, then there is no reason to take the risk of getting it from someone else. You must purchase a weed online only from a certified medical cannabis dispensary. Be careful dealing with fly by night or hustler illegal sellers proliferating in the market today. It is essential to be aware and knowledgeable of what exactly are you trying to buy online, like cannabis oil, you may want to ensure that you are only getting the best from a trusted and reliable company providing also some helpful information about their product. Does the company offers some information about cannabis strains? Does the website include helpful information about medical marijuana? Check for the company’s reputation and any regulation about selling their products online.

You can find the best cannabis online but ensure you know the product you need with the countless number of cannabis strains, concentrates, oils and edibles. If you are using marijuana as medicine, you need to know the right dose and strain for you, whether it is Sativa or Indica. What is the best THC content you need? Before you buy marijuana online, know exactly what you need whether it is in cannabis oil, concentrate or topical form, or you want a bud automatic seed or edibles. You can gauge the reputation of a company and the quality of the product by reading product reviews or get referrals or recommendations. Allow us to help you in finding the best cannabis online in the USA, you may view our website or contact us directly for more details, regardless if you are from you’re from California, Washington, Alaska or any part of USA.

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The Beginners Guide To Health (Finding The Starting Point)

What is a Drug Test Cup?

It is a fact that a lot of people are having almost the same problem and that is substance abuse. Substance abuse is a pretty severe problem today and it is happening all around the world. People from around the world are having problems with living a normal life because they just can’t seem to stop using the bad substance. People who also want to help are having a hard time pin pointing these people since they are so used to the substance that they are hard to notice whether or not they are under the influence. Drug abuse can really destroy a person, it will be very hard to help these people unless you are able to prove that they are really using dangerous drugs.

There are ways in which you can help these people but only when you are able to prove that they are indeed using the substance. There are what you call drug test kit and one of the most affordable one is the drug test cup. You can use this one to help determine whether or not the person is using the dangerous substance or not. Even doing the regular drug testing in your home is pretty good, this will help you in a lot of ways. If you want to change your life for the better, you can let your family keep track of your doings. They can use the drug testing cup to monitor what you are doing and to make sure that you are no longer using the substance. Having these things in your household will really help you stay sober because anytime they can test if you are using the drug and it will be a very bad idea.

But you also have to make sure that the drug test kit you are using will help you save money and that is why the drug test cup is very important, not only is it accurate but it is also affordable and that is very important. You have to make sure that you are spending just the right amount on drug kits. The best thing you can do is to search online and look for companies that will be able to offer you lower price for drug test cups. You can save more if you use the internet and order drug test cups that are lower priced since you are buying directly from the company that creates them.

The truth is, drug abuse and addiction is not an easy thing. If you are unable to stop, you will surely ruin your life and that is why using these drug test cups in maintaining a healthy life is important.

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Short Course on Doctors – What You Need To Know

Benefits of ICD-10-PCS Codes. There are some things which we can never be able to prevent, some of them might get to include sickness, this will be something which can make sure that all which you will get to do can work to your advantage thus being able to be appeased or even find something which can make sure that you can get to feel well at all times. However, you might find that some f the problems which you might be facing might end up being severe which will bring about lots of problems, therefore, you will find that this can be a means to making sure that you can be able to achieve better all that you might like; furthermore, you can have the means of making sure that you can be appeased at all times. You will therefore find that when looking for a surgeon or even a doctor, there can be lots of things which you can attain, meaning that, you will be able to feel better or even know what it is that might get to work to your advantage, something which can make sure that you can be appeased or even that you can attain all that you might need.
The Essential Laws of Professionals Explained
Meaning that, the location should be one of the considerations which you will get to make when looking for a surgeon, you will find that this can be a means to making sure that in the long run, you will be able to find the best surgeon from within your area, furthermore, you will find that when comparing the available doctors, you can get to know more about them.
Where To Start with Experts and More
Something which can get to be of some assistance at all times can be the ICD-10-PCS codes, which will be a means to make sure that you can always get to know of the doctor in advance, the codes will ensure that you can know of the reputation of the doctor or even the surgeries which they have conducted, they will get to give detailed information on everything which might have happened during each and every procedure which will get to be more assuring. You will, therefore, find that using the internet to find all this information needs to be something to consider, it will make sure that you can find the best available and precise information thus being able to know what it is that might be of some assistance to you, furthermore, you will be able to save on some time thus making sure that everything can go on as planned.

Why No One Talks About Services Anymore

The Benefits of Getting Dental Implants from a Reputable Cosmetic Dentist People who know about dentists might think of them as professionals who take care of oral health, professionals who help them when they are suffering with toothaches and other problems related to their mouths. One will be happy to know, however, that dealing with toothaches and bad oral health are not the only things that a dentist can do – instead, dentists can perform a very wide array of different services. For instance, one who has the problem of missing teeth can go to a cosmetic dentist for the installation of dental implants. Finding the best cosmetic dentist who offers you with the chance to get dental implants installed, then, is certainly something that you should do, as it is something that will provide you with benefits which are not only numerous, but also very satisfying and worthwhile. One who finds a good dentist who does dental implants will be able to benefit, first of all, because implants can improve his or her appearance in a very effective way. If you have missing teeth, you might not be happy about the way that you look, as missing teeth do a lot to mar your appearance and are very noticeable to the people around you. The good news is that fixing this is not at all difficult, as reputable and experienced cosmetic dentists have the skill to replace these missing teeth with dental implants which are beautiful. Another thing that people can enjoy when they find a good cosmetic dentist is the benefit of being able to enjoy the benefit of being able to eat with more facility. One who has just lost teeth might have a great difficulty with eating, as missing teeth allow food to pass through without being chewed efficiently. Having dental implants installed, then, is certainly something which is very beneficial, as it will give you more comfort and ease when you chew your food, as well as more comfort and ease when you talk and move your mouth.
Smart Tips For Uncovering Services
Last but not least, people can benefit through dental implants because these implants will give them a chance to enjoy a higher level of self-confidence and self-esteem. One might know that because of missing teeth, confidence levels can go down, which can be detrimental in a lot of ways, showing the great advantage of having teeth replaced by dental implants.
Smart Tips For Finding Services
One who gets dental implants from a reputable cosmetic dentist, then, will surely be able to enjoy a lot of advantages.

Dr. Phil’s “Path To Recovery” Helps Addicts Reclaim Their Lives

(Phoenix AZ)– The National Institute on Drug Use released an alarming statistic in 2013 when they discovered around 9.4% of the population in America had used an illicit drug. Unfortunately, drugs do not only claim victim the ones who shoot, swallow, or inhale them, they also claim the lives of loved ones and friends who watch those they care about become mere shells of who they used to be.

Phill Westbrooks, the President and CEO of The River Source spoke about the devastation they see in their three locations. “Each day, we meet people who’s lives have been torn apart by drugs. These people never intended to become addicts, yet here they are, needing our help. Because our program uses a holistic approach to recovery, we feel we are able to offer a unique perspective in rehab. Seeing our residents graduate from the program as changed individuals is what it is all about for us.”

The National Institute on Drug Use estimates around 570,000 people die of drug abuse each year. This shows that many addicts are not concerned with the very real consequences of using. Through the River Source’s treatment modalities, they hope to shed light onto this very real epidemic, allowing people to wake up to the seriousness of their drug usage before they find themselves in a dark hole, unable to get out. The River Source’s success rate of 76% continues to grow and they have helped thousands of patients recover from drug use permanently.

The River Source now uses a new technological treatment modality to assist their patients; and it is working better than anyone could have anticipated. “We have introduced Dr. Phil’s Path to Recovery which uses virtual reality technology to touch patients’ lives in a truly innovative way. Our patients feel like they are personally sitting down with the doctor and having a consultation. This program has added a unique richness to our treatment and our patients love it,” says Westbrooks.

The River Source staff understands it takes a concerted effort to help their patients and their loved ones. They are able to offer savings for their program because their philosophy does not revolve around a five-star resort. They use simple, yet effective means to help their patients come to the reality of their drug addiction so they can discover the tools the need to overcome it.

About The River Source Treatment Center

The River Source is a unique recovery program that employs an integrative approach to treating drug addiction. Founded on the 12-step principles, their gender specific programs offer inpatient and outpatient care for those who want to turn their lives around and stop using. With two Arizona locations that are both fully staffed with teams of licensed doctors, naturopathic doctors, licensed independent counselors, behavioral health technicians, and nurses, they offer what other facilities simply cannot. They provide superior treatment services at an affordable price which focuses on the mind, body, spirit, and emotions in the healing process. They invite everyone to visit their website. Simply by visiting this page, drug abusers and families alike can grab onto the lifeline they are extending. If you need help, contact them today.

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The Beginner’s Guide to Surgeries

What is Minimally Invasive Surgery? Say hello to small cuts when being operated through minimally invasive surgery. Surgeons will not create big incisions just to cure or operate a specific organ. This breakthrough in terms of operating will make a patient recovery in no time; that is why a lot doctors prefer this kind of surgery today. The doctor still has the power to know if the patient needs the traditional way of operating or the minimally invasive surgery. Minimum Invasion for Bariatric Surgeries Bariatric surgery is the kind of weight loss surgery that can be done with minimal invasion. The surgeon’s goal is to reach the abdomen to remove the unwanted fats by just creating a little incision.
5 Key Takeaways on the Road to Dominating Professionals
There are other weight loss surgeries such as gastric bypass and lap band surgeries. These treatments are known to be very good in price. The patient’s job is to find the best hospital and the doctor who is known of conducting operations very well. Find the best hospital with high-class services through the internet so that you can have astounding results.
Getting Down To Basics with Health
Before you undergo a certain operation, always ask your doctor if you can a minimally invasive surgery. The doctor can guide you about it. To undergo a surgery is so delicate that you need to talk with your doctor first before deciding. Surgery entails you to avoid some food and medications to achieve good results during the surgery. You should also remain healthy by attending your post-operation sessions. Expect that you still need to make efforts to see results. Your willingness to wait for at most a year is what you need just to see the results. Cosmetic surgeries are the ones that can be seen right away.. You can always have a Rhinoplasty surgery or nose job if you want to correct your nose. Hair restoration is also the answer for those who are bald or has thin eyebrows. You just need to find the right doctor who experts that can give you good conditions and treatments. Again, remember to ask your doctor about the minimally invasive surgery to recover right away. There will be a little pain due to carbon dioxide which is filled in to your body part so that the doctor can see your organs well. Taking pain killers will be good for you after the successful surgery. If you will under go the minimally invasive surgery, you will recover within a week if there are no complications. You will have lots of benefits if you under go invasive surgery procedures. You will have smaller scars, quick recovery, short stay in the hospital, and less discomfort. You will also have smaller scars inside you if you undergo minimally invasive surgery rather than the traditional one.

The Essential Laws of Resources Explained

How to Market Legal Marijuana Within a business, marketing is a must, meaning that, you can always be able to make sure that all hi you can get to do can work to your advantage, likewise, you will find that you can know what it is that would be best and also make sure that you have been able to make sure that the business can get to grow at all times. Through marketing therefore, you will find that there can be lots of benefits which you can attain, meaning that, you can have the capability of making sure that you will b able to attain all that you might need, furthermore, you can have the means of making sure that the business can be able to achieve all that it might have set thus being able to know of the processes which to follow or the strategies to observe. When getting to conduct the marketing procedure, you will find that a survey has to be conducted, it will be the best means which can be of some assistance in determining whether you can know what it is that can work to your advantage, likewise, you can have a means of making certain that you can gain something which might be appealing thus being able to know what it is that might get to work best at all times.
A Simple Plan: Treatments
When getting to conduct the survey, you will find that it can be of some assistance, meaning that, you can be able to know what it is that can work to your advantage, furthermore, you will be having a means of making sure that you can attain all that you might need.
What Has Changed Recently With Plants?
When getting to market some medical marijuana, you will find that you can be able to be of some assistance to most clients, at times, you will find that it might get to be a drug which will be able to offer some assistance to most people, meaning that, you can have the ability to making sure that everyone who might need it can be able to get it as long as they do have a prescription. More so, when using the internet, you will find that it can all get to be simple, meaning that, you will and can have the means of making sure that you can get to more clients, likewise, you will find that you can be able to make sure that all which you can or might do can be the best and also that you can gain something.